MoveMIDI is a virtual reality musical instrument that translates your movements in physical space into musical notes and changes over time. It uses a combination of custom software and virtual reality hardware, to send MIDI Note & Control Change signals to any DAW software or hardware that supports MIDI.
The MoveMIDI trial only currently supports PlayStation Move hardware, but other commercial VR will be supported in the future.

Create Music using 3D Space

Move your arms through the three dimensions of physical space to Morph effects & parameters that you've mapped to any of the three dimensions. Place and Hit virtual HitZones in your space to trigger notes or sounds.

Customizable & Portable Musical Instrument

Based in virtual reality, the entire instrument is defined by the user. The virtual instrument can be as large as the user wants it to be, or as small as the user needs it to be. All the hardware can fit in a backpack.

Visual & Musical Performance

Allow the audience to visualize how you are creating & changing the music by waving your arms through the air. Whether you’re sweeping a filter or air drumming, MoveMIDI lets your audience visually experience the sound.

MoveMIDI is for

Live Music Performers, DJs, Music Producers, Post Production, New Musicians, Drummers, Beatmakers, Bedroom Producers, People who want to learn drums but don’t want to drop a ton of money or don’t have a ton of space, My friends who just want to hear thunderboldt sounds when they slam the controllers in the air, etc.

Get started with MoveMIDI

Trial connects to PlayStation Move Hardware