We want to create something better.

More Robust Hardware

Although MoveMIDI runs great on hardware from 2010 (PlaystationMove), the future calls for a more robust hardware solution. This could include support of other commercial VR platforms such as Oculus, HTC Vive, and Hololens. It could also include the creation of a custom hardware solution, optimized for portability and music applications, potentially supporting augmented reality.

More People

We want to put together a highly motivated team to help further this product. MoveMIDI was created in a limited time frame, with minimal resources, by one developer. With a team, the feature set of the product would greatly increase making MoveMIDI accessible to more people.

More Features

Better hardware and a strong team would allow for more powerful features like Velocity Sensitivity, Haptic Feedback, Button Mapping, and Augmented Reality. This would really take MoveMIDI to the next level.

More than MIDI

VR opens up a whole new world to digital music, which includes much more than just MIDI. Possibilities are endless for new audio editing and synthesis applications that would transform the way we think about creating and editing music. VR is the future of physcially based digital musical interaction.

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